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Written by Staff at Bookshop Santa Cruz   

The Summer Nick Taught His Cats to Read

by Curtis Manley

Nick and his cats, Vern and Stevenson, “spent summers doing everything together.” But when Nick sits down quietly with a book, the cats are not pleased. In order to spend time reading, Nick will clearly have to teach his cats to read. Ages 3–7.


Motor Miles

by John Burningham

Miles is a dog who doesn’t care for much. He does enjoy being driven up the hill to the café, where people say, “Oh, what a lovely dog!” Though fond of him, his people can’t always be driving him to a café. Obviously what Miles needs is…his own car.


The Backyard Birdsong Guide: Western North America

by Donald Kroodsma

A clear and engaging field guide for our area, with high-quality audio bird songs from the world-renowned Cornell Lab of Ornithology. “Don Kroodsma’s passion for birdsong is infectious, and this guide will have any birder (including me) listening to birds with new insight and appreciation after reading it.” —David Allen Sibley, author and illustrator of The Sibley Guide to Birds. For all ages.



by Sara Pennypacker

Here is a wilderness survival story, told in alternating chapters by 12-year-old Peter and by Pax, the orphaned fox kit he raised, as they attempt to reunite in a warring countryside that feels a little like our own neighborhoods in the near future. This is a startling and viscerally moving antiwar novel that will appeal to several age groups. Grades 5–8.


Maybe a Fox

by Kathi Appelt

Maybe a Fox had me in its grasp from the first few sentences and didn’t let go until the last word. Gripping, heartbreaking, and lovely, this small, sweet novel holds nothing back. Sighting a fox is known to be lucky (as is believed in Jules’ small town), but Jules has been nothing but unlucky in life. When a newborn fox is born at the same moment as a tragedy occurs, Jules stands in need of all the luck she can get, and maybe a special gift from an unusual and mysterious creature. Ages 10–13. —Tera


The Secret Horses of Briar Hill

by Megan Shepherd

The Secret Horses of Briar Hill is a shivery, magical treat that has one foot in the real world and one in moonlight and dreams. Emmaline has been a resident at Briar Hill Hospital for Tubercular Children for as long as she can remember. But only recently has she started hearing hooves on the ceiling and caught glimpses of a winged horse in the mirror. When she finds the horse staring at her pleadingly, Emmaline knows she has a choice to make. An utterly lovely masterpiece along the lines of The Secret Garden and Narnia. Grades 4–8. —Tera


These books are recommended by the staff at Bookshop Santa Cruz. Stop by the store and we’ll help you find just the right books for young readers.

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