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Written by Kim Allen   




Tuscon, Arizona , 2011. Christina Green was a bright, active, pretty 9 year-old girl with her whole life ahead of her. She was robbed of that life by a mentally ill young man with a semi-automatic weapon.

What can you say about a society where anyone, even people who are obviously delusional, or people with known criminal backgrounds can buy any kind of weapon they want?  Did the Founding Fathers really intend that?  Is that compatible with having a civil society?


Here are some statistics for the US (from Time Magazine):

In one day,

8 children & teens die from gun violence

86 people die from gun violence (35 murdered)


In one year,

31,224 die from gun violence

683  children and teens kill themselves

17,352 people kill themselves


If some kind of novel virus suddenly appeared and was killing off people at these rates, newspaper headlines, TV news anchors, and internet news sources would be screaming  about it. Americans would demand a cure and government doctors would declare a public health emergency. Well, the truth is that it is a public health crisis but we’ve become so inured to news of these massacres every month or two that we’re too paralyzed to act.


These statistics speak for themselves.  Our current system of gun ownership is simply unacceptable.


If you agree, here’s a website where you can help do something about it: www.bradycampaign.org



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