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Written by Flannery Fitch   

Summer is coming to a close, and that means so is Bookshop’s Summer Reading Program. If your child hasn’t started it, is halfway through it and lost their bookmark, or just got back from camp and needs something to do, here’s the short of it: read six books—at least three from our list and up to three of your choice—bring it into the store, and get all kinds of awesome prizes! The last day to turn in bookmarks is September 5th, so get reading! If you need suggestions, here are a few of my favorites from our lists.


A Visitor for Bear

by Bonny Becker


Bear doesn’t want company—he’s perfectly content alone. So when a pesky mouse starts popping up all over Bear’s house, Bear goes all out to keep the mouse out. But mice are hard to keep away, and Bear eventually realizes he rather likes some company. This is an all around adorable and sweet book about finding friendship in the most unlikely of and the pleasure of having a friend who lets you be you.


Piper Green and the Fairy Tree

by Ellen Potter


Piper Green lives on an island in Maine and takes a lobster boat to school. Life is good, but when a new teacher arrives, Piper finds herself in a bit of trouble. Then she discovers a Fairy Tree in her yard, and Piper finds it an unexpected (and possibly magical?) source of comfort and help. I was thoroughly charmed by outspoken Piper, her island in Maine, and her Fairy Tree.


The Year of the Book

by Andrea Cheng


I felt instant kinship with Anna Wang, a young girl who knows friendship is complicated and turns to books for company and adventure. However, no book lover can be without a friend to talk books with, and Anna finds that the rewards of friendship outweigh the complications if you find the right friends. This is a wonderful book that book lovers will enjoy.


The War that Saved My Life

by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley


Ada has never left her room. Her cruel mother is ashamed of Ada’s malformed foot, and refuses to let her out. When the WWII hits England, Ada’s brother is sent to the countryside for safety and Ada seizes her chance for freedom and escapes with him. This is a moving book that has something for everyone—history, horses, family drama, wartime intrigue, and a young girl finding her freedom for the first time. It comes highly recommended.


I am Princess X

by Cherie Priest


I loved this book. It’s a mystery featuring a sixteen-year-old girl trying to find out what really happened to her best friend, who supposedly died. Perfect for anyone who loved superheroes or a good mystery, I am Princess X is illustrated with comics and moves at a pace that any action lover will enjoy. I liked it so much I would read it again with pleasure!


Trouble is a Friend of Mine

by Stephanie Tromly


I read this because it was going to be on the teen list and because one of our children’s booksellers, told me I’d love it. And I did. So much. It’s one of the most unique YA novels I’ve read in a while, and at this point I’ve read it four times in about a month and a half and loved it more with very reading. It’s laugh out loud funny, and has characters I’ve fallen so in love with that I’m sad when I finish the book because I just want to be friends with them so badly. Read it!


The Raven Boys

by Maggie Stiefvater


Maggie Stiefvater is my favorite YA author ever, and while I’ve recommended this before, I have to recommend it again because the final book in the quartet just came out and it is AMAZING. I bow to her brilliance.


Flannery Fitch is a bookseller at Bookshop Santa Cruz. Her life has been about books since before she could read.

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